Performers & Artists

Who We Cover

  • Musicians & Bands
  • Stage & Theatre Performers
  • Dancers & Dance Ensembles
  • Choirs & Orchestras
  • Film & TV Actors
  • Circus & Physical Theatre Performers
  • DJs
  • Karaoke & Trivia Hosts

Our Specialities

  • Performance & Tuition Liability

    Covers your legal liability for third party bodily injury or property damage whether performing or teaching others.

  • Musical Instrument & Entertainment Equipment Cover

    Protects musical instruments, performing equipment, electronic equipment, props, sets, wardrobe & associated equipment worldwide for material loss or damage.

  • Travel

    Covers medical expenses, trip cancellation costs, lost luggage and trip deposits.

  • Personal Accident

    Provides weekly and lump sum benefits when bodily injury occurs.

  • Weather Risk

    Protects revenue from fluctuations when certain weather conditions occur.

  • Death & Disgrace

    Covers your financial loss when someone passes away or is disgraced in the eyes of the public.

Your Potential Risk

  • Stolen Equipment
  • Audience Injury
  • Overseas Medical Costs
  • Venue Damage
  • Student Injury
  • Accident/Illness
  • Equipment Failure
  • Missed Flight Costs
  • Loss of Income
  • Emergency Hire Costs
  • Defence Costs
  • Damaged Equipment

For further information, please contact the JLT Entertainment team.