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Insurance For Your Industry By Your Industry

Marsh Entertainment Insurance – Approved Insurance Broker to the ACT Inc.

As the official and approved insurance broker to The Association of Community Theatre (ACT), Marsh Entertainment is proud to partner with the ACT to represent the risk needs of its members and to create a cost effective and comprehensive suite of insurance products for the ACT and affiliate member organisations.

In addition to the tailored solutions negotiated, Marsh are also providing extra support to the ACT and its members by giving back a portion of all premiums to the ACT, better enabling the ACT to drive initiatives for the theatre community.

Exclusive ACT Insurance Solutions:

  • Public & Products Liability

    • 12 months’ cover
    • $20 million Public & Products Liability
    • $10 million Professional Liability Cover
    • $500,000 Goods in Care, Custody & Control
    • $500,000 Wrongful Allegations Cover
    • $500 excess for each and every claim
    • Providing cover for the rehearsal & staging of theatrical or musical performances including theatre based workshops and promotion of performances
    • Worldwide (excluding USA/Canada) cover
  • Volunteer Workers Personal Accident

    • 12 months’ cover
    • Capital Benefits – $120,000
    • Temporary Total Disablement Weekly Accident – $750 per Seven (7) days not worked or 100% income (whichever is the lesser)
    • 104 weeks’ maximum period. A 7–day deferral/excess period for each & every claim
    • Disability benefits as a percentage of the Capital Benefits
    • $3,000 Non Medicare Medical Expenses. Including ambulance costs.
    • Cover up to 100 years of age – Over 75 years will have scaled down cover
  • Money Insurance

    • 12 months’ cover
    • $5,000 – Money in Transit
    • $5,000 – Money in Personal custody
    • $5,000 – Money in Box Office Cover

Beyond these tailored solutions, Marsh Entertainment can also look to source insurance solutions for Business Packs including building and contents, theft, wardrobe/equipment and all other insurance needs.

If you have any questions in relation to your insurance or purchasing a new policy, please review the FAQ below or direct your enquiry to the Marsh ACT service team on 1300 655 931 or by email

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Information on Your Policy

Public & Products Liability

The public liability policy will protect you against claims made by a third party (e.g. spectator, member of the public etc.) for injury or property damage as a result of your negligence.

Professional indemnity will protect you against claims made as a result of professional advice you have given to a third party, resulting in a monetary loss.

Wrongful Allegations Cover will protect you for up to $500,000 in defence costs in the event of a wrongful/false allegation of molestation.

*Full details of coverage and exclusions for each policy are available in the relevant PDS and/or policy wordings. Please contact us for a copy.

Voluntary Workers Personal Accident

This policy will cover accidental death or permanent/temporary disablement of a person while engaged in voluntary work on behalf of your organisation.

Scope of Cover:

This cover will extend to your workers who are:

  • Engaged in work that has been officially sanctioned or organised by and under the control of the Insured.
  • Engaged in necessary direct travel to and from during such voluntary work.

The voluntary workers cover is restricted to accident cover only and is only applicable when the volunteer is not in salaried employment of the insured.

Coverage Details:
  • Death or permanent total disablement. Lump sum payment of $120,000 per person to age 75 years.
  • Permanent partial disablement (e.g. loss of use of fingers or toes, loss of hearing, 3rd degree burns). Proportional capital benefits.
  • Temporary total disablement. $750 per person per week or 100% of income (whichever is the lesser) for a maximum of 104 weeks. A 7 day Policy excess period applies.
  • Medical expenses, not claimable in whole or part, through Medicare or Private Health Funds. Limit $3,000.

Note: Temporary benefits are intended as compensation for loss of income through disability and therefore do not apply to persons who are unemployed, retired or not in receipt of pre-disability earnings.

*Full details of coverage and exclusions for each policy are available in the relevant PDS and/or policy wordings. Please contact us for a copy.

Money Insurance

This policy will cover loss of money as defined below up to a limit of $5,000.

  • Money in Transit – Money whilst in personal custody of the insured or persons authorised by the insured, e.g. to and from the bank.
  • Money in Personal Custody – Money in the personal custody of the insured or that of persons authorised by the insured while contained within the insured’s private residences. Please note, money kept in private residence must be kept secure at all times ("Secured" is defined as in a safe, lock box or similar) and banked the next business day.
  • Money in Box Office – Money whilst in box office and subject to control measures as detailed below and in the policy schedule. All box office money must be banked on the next business day.
Control Measures: (Box Office)
  • All box office money must be stored in a locked safe overnight or kept in an authorised insured’s private residence and must be banked on the next business day.
  • All box office takings are to be kept in a till or lock box (or similar) on day of events.
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