Film & TV Industry

Who We Cover

  • Film & TV Production Companies
  • Cinematographers & Sound Recordists
  • Grips, Riggers and Support Crew
  • Broadcasters & Media Agencies
  • Set, Props & Costume Design
  • Post Production Editing Suites
  • Talent & Agency

Our Specialities

  • Public & Products Liability

    Covers your legal liability for third party bodily injury or property damage.

  • Production Equipment Cover

    Protects all production equipment, sound, lighting, staging, props, sets, wardrobe and all other associated equipment from material loss or damage.

  • Errors & Omissions

    This cover provides indemnity for legal action brought against the producer and/or production company in respect of libel, slander, defamation, plagiarism, breach of copyright, invasion of privacy or theft of rights.

  • Cast Insurance/Film Producer’s Indemnity

    Provides cover for the expenses incurred in the event of death or bodily injury, or illness of the named key persons.

  • Content Media

    Coverage for the additional costs which result solely and directly from physical loss or physical damage to negative, videotape, or data, including cover for faulty stock, camera, hardware and processing.

  • Extra Expenses

    Coverage for the additional costs which result solely and directly from physical loss or physical damage to the property or facilities used by you for the insured production. Includes cover following the electrical and/or mechanical breakdown of cameras and generators.

  • Weather Interruption

    Protects against incurred losses when certain weather conditions cancel or postpone production.

  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident

    Protects your volunteers if they are injured whilst working on your behalf.

  • Travel

    Covers medical expenses, trip cancellation costs, lost luggage and trip deposits.

  • Money

    Covers physical loss or damage occurring to money designated for use on the insured production.

  • Transmission Failure

    Covers your financial loss when your live broadcast fails or is interrupted.

  • Death & Disgrace

    Covers your financial loss when your brand ambassador is disgraced in the eyes of the public.

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Your Potential Risk

  • Extreme Weather
  • Stolen Equipment
  • Unavoidable Travel Delay
  • Venue Damage
  • Overseas Medical Costs
  • Lost or Damaged Negatives
  • Libel & Slander
  • Power Failure
  • Death/injury on set
  • Emergency Hire Costs
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Death. Accident or Illness of Key Principals
  • Damaged Equipment
  • Cyber Interference
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Volunteers

For further information, please contact the JLT Entertainment team.