Location, Location, Location

Cinematographers and photographers do their best work when the combination of people, lights, set and props come together in the perfect location. This means that there are numerous risk factors that could affect their picture-perfect moments.

Read on below to find out what cinematographers and photographers may need to help protect themselves and the reputation of their business’.

Whether it’s a five-star hotel, public street or film studio set, all locations have their inherent risks. You may have heard stories about compensating for floor damage made from heavy equipment being dragged during production set up at hotels or equipment laid out in public venues that caused a passerby to trip and hurt themselves.

With weeks or months of effort gone into finding the perfect location for a shoot, the last thing cinematographers and photographers need is a claim made against them due to damaged flooring or an injured third party. The right policy not only saves cinematographers and photographers money, but also helps to protect them financially if their work damages property or injures someone. Here’s an easy guide to help cinematographers and photographers understand the basic types of cover they may need.

Liability protection

Professional cinematographers or photographers will often work with third parties, in new environments that they may not be very familiar with.

If someone is injured or their property is damaged in connection with a cinematographer’s or photographer’s business activities and they feel that the professional was negligent in some way, they may seek compensation for their injuries or damaged property. This is where a public liability policy can help with such claims, covering for up to $20 million for third-party damage and injury claims in relation to cinematography or photography work anywhere in the world (cover for USA/Canada can be added for an additional premium).

This is useful to cover other common situations these professionals frequently find themselves in, such as holding photography workshops, providing photography tuition and also when conducting photography tours.

An unsecured cord or small equipment may seem like a low-risk item to a cinematographer or photographer until a claim is made against them.

Protect valuable tools & equipment

A camera, especially an expensive one, is made up of so many individual components that can be prone to damage, especially when used for a shoot in outdoor locations. Camera and equipment cover can help protect photographers and cinematographers against a hefty repair bill. At Marsh we arrange tools & equipment insurance, that covers such equipment for accidental damage and theft (buy online for worldwide equipment cover up to $30,000). For sum insured’s higher than $30,000, our team will work with businesses to arrange cover that specific to their insurance needs.

When cinematographers and photographers arrange insurance through us and need equipment urgently while their claim is being processed, this policy may also provide up to 25% to pay for emergency equipment hire. This allows them to continue to shoot and minimises any down time. If these professionals have hired additional gear for a specific wedding or outdoor shoot, this policy could cover that hired equipment as well.

Annual prices start at $220 for a $5000 cover.

If location is everything for that perfect shoot, obtain cover here in minutes with access to different options to suit a variety of budgets.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help provide cinematographers and photographers insurance solutions that are specific to their needs. With over 50 years of entertainment industry experience, we understand that each business’ needs are unique.

Cinematographers or photographers that need specific advice or wish to consider a higher cover, can simply call us on 1300 655 931 to speak to a specialist broker.

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